Sunday Morning Craziness.

Sometimes getting dressed for church with three tiny humans is an exhausting adventure. Sunday Mornings can be craziness, at least for us! Inevitably someone is going to have a melt down, and yes- sometimes that person is me (mommy). To avoid the melt downs, both from mommy and tiny humans, my husband and I have have created a system that helps us keep a peaceful spirit in our home even in high stress or time sensitive situations. Maybe you can incorporate some of our tips into your 'get dressed' routine, and if you have any good tips to help us improve, please do share!

1. Make sure everyone is fed before starting the 'get dressed' process.  I really feel like this is super important. I get food-rude (or hangery) if my blood sugar drops and there isn't something ready to consume. My patients gets short, my temper hot, and my tongue sharp. Not a good combination for keeping a peaceful environment in the home, plus that isn't parenting with love, and I don't want to pay for my kid's therapy (haha). So by feeding the army before they get their marching orders, you can prevent a lot of unnecessary drama.

2. Be open and honest with your partner. 

Don't just get mad at your husband/wife because they're not living up to your unspoken expectations. If you want them to pack the diaper bag, and it needs to include a laundry list of items, make sure they know your expectations. If you don't communicate your expectations then you're setting each other up for failure, and an epic fight... Especially if you're hangery. If you need help ask for it, and if help is asked of you be willing to put each other before your own need to get ready.

3. Divide and Conquer. 

When we're getting ready for an outing or event (like church), I often leave Kyle with the kids to get in the shower and start blow drying my hair. But before I do that (usually while the water is getting really hot- don't judge I'm not very 'green') I pick out everyones clothing and lay them out on our bed. By the time I'm finishing my hair, Kyle has put the boys into the bath and started taking his own shower. As Kyle is getting done so are the boys, all three of them towel off and put on clothing. By this point I have almost completed hair and getting on my own clothing. One at a time the boys are dressed and sent to me to get their hair fixed. Kyle and I switch places and he finishes getting dressed while I dress Bells. Again, we switch back so that I can finish my make up and he can get our bag ready to go.

After church, everyone still looking cute, and no big melt downs! #success

You see it is a give and take, he does a little and I do a little. But as long as both of us are 'doing', a spirit of service, love, and gratitude can be felt by all. It isn't always perfect (since we're collectively running late, almost always), but it really does help us stay in tune with the spirit of peace and love.

Thanks for being my partner in this crazy life, Kyle!