Hills Family South Congress Photos

Hills family on South Congress, Austin TX. 

Soco and the capitol all in one shot.

About three years ago my husband and I were facetiming. I was visiting family in North Carolina with our toddler, Fox. He was telling me about this 'awesome guy' he met at church and that he really could see himself being good friends with him. He proceeded to tell me about going to their house for dinner and how this guy, Aaron, had a wife who made excellent pinterest deserts. With a lot of enthusiasm he said, 'you guys are going to be friends'. I, not really paying attention, brushed him off with a 'sure honey, that sounds awesome'. Little did I know he would be right. Not only did I meet Whitney and really like her, but over the years we've become really close friends. From moves to babies, and our Four year olds planning their wedding, we've cemented a great relationship. I love her children as if they were my own, and her husband is a wonderful friend to mine. When relationships with friends can weather storms you know that those people are worth being in your village!

Whitney and Aaron, thanks for being part of our family, we love you guys!

South congress bridge with the Hills.




Annabelle is just a few months older than Fox, Weston is just a few months older than Ryker, and Asher is a few months younger than Bellamy. I love that our familes have grown together. No one is ever left out, which is really rare to find in another famaily. Really grateful God sent us these sweet friends.

Cute Hill Kiddos!






Seriously they're the best parents.


But, what makes them the best parents, is the fact that they love each other. Thanks For allowing me to capture your family, Hills! It was fun, and hot, and muggy, but mostly fun!