Eva's Baptism

Sent to this Earth, You were saved Through the ages,

20150806-Vstephens_20150806_9593 20150806-Vstephens_20150806_9549

For this day and Time, Child of Great Worth,

20150806-Vstephens_20150806_9596 20150806-Vstephens_20150806_9541

Child of Promise

20150806-Vstephens_20150806_9621 20150806-Vstephens_20150806_9622

Daughter of the Devine

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Thank you beautiful Eva, for staying true and pure, and for making such a wonderful choice to be baptized. I know everyone is so very proud of you. The Stephen's family supports and loves you! Can't wait to see what wonderful things you're going to do with your life!


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