Labor Day weekend 2015

September often gets really busy for our family. We're all back in school, summer is over, and my birthday (and my sister's) are both within 21 days of each other. Usually the month is just a big birthday celebration, mixed in with a lot of 'school grind' adjusting. But this Labor Day weekend we were able to all (minus Kyle, because he had to work) able to get away from the hustle of the city and go to the beach! Who doesn't love salty air, sand between your toes, beautiful sun sets and sun rises, and of course total relaxation.

It was a bit humid, but we were able to celebrate my sister's 20th birthday, see dolphins, and just enjoy being together on the Texas Coast. Here are a mass collection of some of my favorite shots from the weekend.

I hope you are all enjoying your back to school grind, and still finding time to soak in how wonderful life can be!

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