Back to school, and first photography Assignment

I've always been the type of person to really invest time and detail into my hobbies and points of interest. Some interest last a life time, more often I flake between them. But photography has been one of those constant loves my entire life. So I dedicated myself to really learning the technique behind my passion, since that point I've been in college for a Photography Technology degree. It isn't easy, but it is so worth it! I love learning so much about so many different areas of photography. My most recent assignment was a business portrait. In our class we all had to 'shoot' each other. A friend of mine let me take his picture. He was a great model and very patient with me (Thanks Eric). He too is a photographer in the austin area, if I am ever unavailable to serve your photography needs please contact him (Eric Edge Photography)!

We had to turn in one proof sheet of all 12 unedited or adjusted images showing that we are competent in our lighting patterns (I got a 100%, Yay!). Then we had to print an 8x10 of our favorite lighting pattern and correct the tonality and color of that image. Next, we had to make a copy of that favorite image, and correct and blemishes, wrinkles, age It isn't an overly demanding shoot, but it is one that takes lighting understanding and a strong grasp on post processing abilities.

Broad Loop, 3:1 ratio

There is the finished image!