Oh baby Benjamin, such a strong name for such a tiny guy!

But really you were not that tiny, the biggest baby I've photographed thus far! Such a love, so awake and ready to meet the world. I could feel the love your sweet sister had for you, and the curiosity your big brother has each time he looks at you. You're so lucky to be born into a family that loves you so much little guy!

20150925-2015_IMG_4628 20150925-2015_IMG_4653

Sometimes siblings can add a stressful layer to a newborn photoshoot, but these two pros were so helpful and excited to earn stickers and dove chocolate! I really loved my time playing with the Three Hanna kiddos!


20150925-2015_IMG_4666 20150925-2015_IMG_4704

What a beautiful mother you have, Benjamin!


I hope that your life, Benjamin, is filled with wonder, success, surprise, and laughter! Can't wait to photograph you again sweet boy <3

20150925-2015_IMG_4717 20150925-2015_IMG_4729 20150926-2015_IMG_4751

Andrea, Jeremy, Gwendolyn, and Alexander Thank you so much for sharing sweet Benjamin with me!