Adelle's Portraits

For our second photography assignment we had to pick out a style of portrait work and recreate it. Our professor encouraged us to be creative and to really go all out on the sets. I did a 'high-key' style lighting and a shadowless lighting pattern. My adorable model really was the star of the show! She came to set excited to work and play a little bit! I am so grateful that her momma brought her to the studio, I really hope you enjoy your pictures!

I love them! 

20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-082 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-083 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-089 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-093 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-099 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-104 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-105 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-112 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-115-2 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-115 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-117 20150921-Advanced_Portrait_2015-132

She is a human baby doll with a stunning set of blue eyes, and a sweet personality to go along with them. Thanks for spending the your evening with me and my camera!