Krispy Kreme, anyone?

Funny story:

When I was very pregnant with baby Fox I CRAVED chocolate Krispy Kreme HOT doughnuts with a big glass of whole milk. In one sitting I could eat an entire dozen, and drink half a gallon of milk. All by myself. Yes, I did gain 75 lbs, but in the moment of pregnancy highs and lows Krispy Kreme was always there for me. To this day I can't really eat a whole one by myself. But my memories of those comforting deserts covered in perfect Krispy Kreme glaze, brings a smile to my face.


Needless to say I love my Krispy Kreme relationship.

In school the last few weeks we have been shooting box packaging to practicing finding the scheimpflug intersection, with a tilt-shift lens. I LOVE the Krispy Kreme halloween packaging so, naturally, I photographed it! I think it turned out Adorable!!! Can't wait to get into more table top advertisement photography! I hope every shoot ends with gooey chocolate Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

20151012-Commerical package-1672