Baby Hazel

Baby Hazel was 8 days earth side when I photographed her family in a lifestyle Newborn photography shoot! Her guard-dog, Levi was totally model ready to show off his new duty station in the family! Of course mommy was  glowing with pride and beauty, and daddy looked like a pro with all the new baby stuff!

20150929-2015_IMG_50042  20150928-2015_IMG_48712 20150928-2015_IMG_48662 20150928-2015_IMG_48662-2 20150928-2015_IMG_48212 20150928-2015_IMG_47882 20150928-2015_IMG_47682 20150928-2015_IMG_48882       

Baby Hazel, continue to be so sweet and beautiful! I cannot wait to see you grow and change over the coming months and years! Reed and Demetria, thank you so very much for being so inviting  and sharing this perfect little princess with me!


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