Welcome to life as a Photography student!

Welcome to my crazy life as a photography student! Most people don't understand the type of work that goes into getting your photography degree. It is hours upon hours in labs and studios learning different techniques, lighting styles/patterns, and editing programs.The hardest part of the curriculum is continually putting your work up in front of your peers and professors while they rip it apart, and still coming to class the next day to do it all over again. When your work is put under that kind of scrutiny you learn two things: No one's opinion matters and YOU can 'just keep swimming'. This particular semester was difficult, I had a pretty demanding schedule and I was gone from my children a large part of the week. BUT, towards the end of my semester all my hard work payed off. I entered 8 images into the print show. Those 8 images were judged against hundreds of other images that were from the other students in my program. Four of those images made it into the judging round of the competition, out of those four images two won awards!

I am honored to be named 'Best of Show' for the digital two category for my lion picture that features Fox. I also received an 'Honorable mention' for my gold girl photograph.

I didn't go into the print show gunning to win, in-fact I was shocked and brought to tears when I heard the news of my awards.

I can't believe I have to wait until JAN. 19 to be back in school, I AM SO EXCITED to do it all over again.

Thank you to my incredible husband and parents who do so much to help me achieve my goals and dreams. I am honored and blessed. <3 Victoria

Imaginations Dawn