2015 Review!

I love the first few weeks of a new year, you get the chance to look back on the last 365 days and fondly remember days gone by. Or you get the learn and grow from the not so pleasant trials you might have faced. It is a time to set goals and rededicate yourself to the future. 2015's review is sure to be filled with hard work, as I started going back to school, fun summer days spent at the pool, and lots of time with our family. It hasn't been a perfect year, but it has been a great one! Thanks 2015, you were good to us! January:

I went back to school and started this crazy journey! Ryker turned 2, and got a little wild! Bells turned 6 months old! Fox started school again, and loved it.

Ryker turns two!


We sold our first home in San Marcos, just in time too, because a few months later it got flooded during the historic Memorial Day flood. We also enjoyed roasting marshmallows at my parents house on Valentines day, with our kiddos. Bell is 6 months old :(


Sold our house!


March was just a month of normal life, except for the day my brother let his then girl friend wax him on my coffee room table... I was also in school gearing up for spring break and finals.

Waxing parlor


Brought beautiful spring weather, stunning Bluebonnets, and got to spend time with my dear friend, B and her girls K^2.




FINALS and a print show. We also celebrated my dad's birthday with a group viewing of Pitch Perfect 2 and a chocolate cake! We also started summer break and got to swim a bit! I also taught my younger brother how to drive, and didn't die. We also helped with relief efforts for the memorial day flood victims.

That cake is on fire!


The month of June was full of swimming, trips to our new BassPro, and more family time. I also was able to photograph our Chruch's pioneer trek. It was an incredible experience filled with blisters, rain, heat, and a totally Spiritual experience.

11402944_10155603889735363_4973798768842382704_n 11425230_10155603890390363_3074920927185119600_n 10448179_10155649836895363_4813832653102392065_n


Fox turns 4!! Independence day! I also Co-hosted my dear friends baby shower, where all my un biological family got to get together for a fun girls day/night. My sweet husband and I also got to enjoy a staycation for a night in Downtown ATX. Full of fun shopping, eating, and touristy things, who knew our own backyard could be so exotic. I also got to travel to Oklahoma to spend time with one of my best friends and her beautiful family. Our July wrap up was a weekend with the Stephens in Dallas!

Because I really do love him so much.



Bellamy turned one! We celebrated Sophie's 5th birthday. I started my 2nd semester of school, and Fox started his last year of Pre-K before Kinder next year. We got to have a house guest, one of the Wilde babys spent a few days playing while her family traveled out of the country.

Sophie would've been 5 years old, we miss you love.

Bell turned 1!

My three lovies

September: I celebrate my 25th birthday, we visited the beach for a vacation, and we kept on the school flow.


We also went to Salt Lake City!


Hello pumpkin patch and halloween!



Thanksgiving, and time with my family. We were able to spend the weekend with out Stephens family, everyone was together for the first time in three years!





Whoa what a crazy busy month! December brought the end of my semester, where I won two photography awards at our end of year print show.I went back to North Carolina for a weekend with my best friend from high school, Meg. Not to mention the celebration of Christmas and our 6th wedding anniversary.






that that that that that's all folks! We had a fantastic year, full of fun, love, a little bit of trial (keeps you humble). I can't wait to see where 2016 takes us. I am for sure about one thing. I get to do this whole thing with some pretty amazing people.

Happy New Year!