The bee Keeper

I am the bee keeper's daughter. 


If you follow me on instagram you may have seen the image below. My dad keeps a few hives all over the Texas Hill country. He has three out at the ranch (our future home and where my grandmother lives), one over in Cedar Park, and one at his and my mom's home. He started keeping bees when they were stationed at Cherry Point MCAS in Havelock, NC. It has become his little obsession/project/connection to mother nature. 

One Sunday he set up a viewing station for my kiddos to safely watch him smoke out the "house" hive and give his 'girls' some more food. The kiddos were fascinated and it has lessened their curiosity towards the hives preventing them from investigating on their own, plus what a great up-close exposure to a hive full of honey bees!


I have never really gotten into the whole bee thing, not to the level my dad has, but I love the rich colors of honey and the symbolism of honey bees. The women are the anchor to the hive's survival, they work to create brood and keep the hive healthy. They also are defenders of the hive, swarming together to protect their home from beetles, moths, bears, basically anything that could halt/destroy their safety. I often feel like a honey bee, I am part of a hypothetical hive full of feisty, hard working women who defend our kids/families with a power that is only given to the female gender. Something that makes me proud to have ovaries! 

The male honey bee is also vitally important. They bring back the pollen, without it the hive would die almost instantly. My husband is a lot like that, could I go out and get the pollen? Sure. But sharing in the welfare and success of our 'hive' is important, and bonds us together. Equally yoked, and equally blessed. I'm glad he doesn't die off as quickly as male honey bees do, because I mostly like him :) haha. 

These hives that I photographed with my dad are babies, just starting out, so we have yet to get any substantial honey from them. BUT- I had a little taste of some that got on my glove and it was so sweet. The three hives pictured below are hives that are at the Ranch where we are planning on building our future home. I love that my future flowers and garden will be pollinated by these hives and my dad  keeps the hives so I don't have to do it! He is a pretty awesome dad! He has taught me all sorts of valuable things as well as carried my make up in his military grade backpack during guard/dance competitions in high school and other non manly things and has always protects our 'hive'. As silly as it is, #blessed.
Finn, my parents chocolate lab puppy, came to visit us while the bees were 'hot', and got stung in the mouth. The noises that he made were hilarious (he was fine afterwards). Bell, also needs to stop watching Cinderella so much, she washed her outfit in the dogs water bowl. That girl is hilarious. Her Grandmother should've stopped her, but it was hot and she was only ruining a play outfit. 
The pictures below are from that weekend out at the ranch, playing with dad's bees :)

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