2016 4th of July wrap!

Another year of BBQ, sun, parades, and fireworks has come and gone! Our 2016 4th of July celebration was filled with easy fun and laughter. We don't usually have huge plans, just being reflective over what a lucky people we are to live in this grand country seems to be enough for us. I also really love to wear red white, and blue and dress my family up as well!

I was raised in the military and continually feel awed and grateful for the men and woman who put their lives on the line to protect my opportunity to live freely. I am so grateful that the brave men and woman of 1776 were not afraid to bulk up against the British government but stand and fight for a better way of life. Thank you, that couldn't have been easy! 

Like I said, I love to dress my family up! Usually I go shopping for new stuff, because what girl doesn't love to shop and get a new outfit? But this year we're trying to save money and prepare for upcoming expenses. So I am really excited to say that I didn't purchase a single clothing item for our 4th of July outfits! My mom did buy Bellamy's parade outfit weeks and weeks ago, which is cool by me, thanks Grandmother! My grandmother (the kiddos Great Grandmother) made her ADORABLE fireworks outfit, pictured later.


We attended the Cedar Park city parade, it was very well done filled with local businesses and groups that wanted to show off some patriotism. One particular moment that was very touching, brought everyone to their feet, and made me cry was this group of service men and woman pictured below. While watching car clubs show off their wheels and political floats going down the rout, bagpipes followed filling the air with upbeat music, and the calls of 'Happy Independence Day' and 'Happy 4th' kept a smile on this momma's face.... Until I looked up and realized what followed to bagpipers. Suddenly the bag pipe tunes turned somber and the cadence of 'taps' started playing on a single snare drum. Then, dressed in their finest, a collection of uniformed military men and woman silently marched the parade route holding pictures of their brothers and sisters that were Killed in Action.  What a very sobering moment, the very cost of the freedoms that we were celebrating, represented so majestically. Tears and gratitude are the only emotions that could be described. 

The rest of the parade was equally wonderful, just in different ways! 

After the parade we packed up and drove to go get some 'American' food, good Texas Waterburger burgers and french fries. It was delicious and a perfect way to prep for a family 4th of July afternoon nap! Unfortunately Kyle had to go to work before our family BBQ dinner at my parents house, and he missed out on the fireworks. (gotta work for the American dream, thanks hunt <3)
My dad made a bunch of yummy smoked food, my mom made some baked beans, and I made a summer squash pasta salad with homemade vinaigrette. We didn't have a desert because my parents are trying to be healthy, big mistake. I was CRAVING some peach cobbler by the end of the night. 
Following dinner we loaded up and met some friends over at the Cedar Park firework show. The kids had a fun time running around playing with glow sticks, and then the grand finally of our night, a beautiful firework's display. 

I am so grateful to live in this choice land, where an American dreams still exists, and WE are STILL great. I love independence day! God bless America and all the Americans that feel their heart beat for the Red, White and Blue.