Bell's 2nd Birthday party.

I don't know about other moms, but I seem to go through phases of being a big birthday party thrower or just a quite dinner with close family and friends. A few weeks ago we threw a big party for Fox, you can see his recap here. But right on the heals of our Utah trip, Kyle's birthday, and the mad dash that is 'back to school'- we were not really in a big party mood (rewrite: I was not in a big party mood). Plus, the week prior to Bell's 2nd birthday party it had rained almost non-stop for a whole week. So, we invited over our dear friends, my parents and siblings, and Kyle's dad and step-mom for a dinner at home. 
I made homemade chicken fettuccine alfredo, homemade rolls, a big green salad, and we celebrated Bell's 2nd birthday with a (from scratch) Texas sheet cake and vanilla ice cream (Blue Bell of course). Everyone left with full bellies and warm hearts. Any excuse to have our loved ones over is promptly taken advantage of and enjoyed to the fullest.

Are you an every year party throwing mom, do you stagger it, or do you only throw parties for big milestones? Let me know because I need to find a good system! 

Bellamy was throughly spoiled and given the full princess treatment. Mostly I think she just enjoyed having all her friends over to play and eat yummy food- girl after my own heart! She said all her outfits were 'cute' and has yet to put down her Frozen karaoke purse. Her birthday is an exciting time of the year, it kick starts our holiday season, and I have a feeling many more wonderful nights full of good company, great food, and the spirit of love will fill up the rest of our year's calendar.  

My dad filled in as photographer for me so I could enjoy my time as Bellamy's momma (thanks dad!!), and make sure everyone was eating! When I strike it rich I want a HUGE kitchen so everyone can gather around the food. For now we will continue to get cozy, haha! Video compliments to my mom, I never seem to have enough memory space to record... 

I think Bellamy got freaked out with everyone singing to her, so she jumped into her Uncle's arms, and he split his soda on me, but the cake was safe from the deluge of sprite (and WAY yummy). 

We love you BellBell happy 2nd birthday!