Baby Grayson

I am always so grateful for the opportunity to flex my creative muscles, but more importantly I am so grateful for my clients who allow me to practice on them. I had the honor of doing my very first fresh 48 session with clients that I've been photographing since 2015. 

It is obviously a whole new principal of photography. It has been a wonderful experience and helped me prepare for the next time I could shoot a fresh 48 session. 

A fresh 48 session is not birth photography, but it is the opportunity to capture a babies fresh new-ness within the first 48 hours of life. Typically it is a session in the hospital, with the parents and siblings. It can be a challenge to light correctly, and has got me learning more and more about on and off camera lighting. So grateful I have a wealth of knowledge from school to help me leap into this new venture! 

Anyway, thank  you O'Connell family for allowing me to photograph your sweet little guy in the first few hours of his life!