The saga of a minivan.

The most famous words in our family are, "well just go look". Without fail, every single time we go to 'just look' at something, we end up purchasing it (aside from a home). This weekend was no exception. For the past few weeks we've been looking for a bigger vehicle that will hold all the members of our growing family. I've been very against purchasing anything other than a suburban, let alone mention the words 'minivan'. 

The only real reason I've been so against a minivan is my own imposed stereotype of a 'minivan mom', there was no solid reason for my distaste, just my own pride and stubbornness. In fact, I had never even test driven one. But I did have a pretty concise list of what we needed/wanted in our next vehicle, and it certainly couldn't come in the form of a Van.


  • Needed to fit all four kids, plus two adults, and still had room for cargo. 
  • Needed to be in good condition, clean, with no prior accidents. 
  • Needed to have running guards so the boys could get in/out without me lifting them. 
  • Needed leather, to be fully loaded (full blue tooth, CD/DVD, double screens, wireless headphones, Nav. system, remote control start, all of it.)
  • Captain chairs in middle row with walk space. 
  • Full 3rd row (not a half bench like a pathfinder or explorer).
    • Had to be black exterior with black interior. 
    • Less than 50K miles
    • No more than $40K

Needless to say I had a very specific vehicle I was looking for, and I was also on a tight budget for what I wanted. Our longtime dealership didn't have a single thing to fit all my demands. So he said, "I have a vehicle that fits all your requests, that is much less expensive than $40K, and it is 100% chalked full with bells and whistles. Two problems, it doesn't have remote control start (yet) and it is a minivan."

I rolled my eyes. 
My husband said, "JUST LOOK AT IT. You have no legitimate reason to not like vans. If you really really don't like it we don't have to purchase it."

So our sales guy pulled the van around to where we were all standing. I have to admit now, I knew we were going to buy that van the moment he pulled it around. It was a 2015 Town and Country with less thank 40k miles on it, black on black with chrome and wood accents on the inside, and yes it was absolutely fully loaded with everything but the remote control start. At this point all three of our kids, 

* Yes we're those people*

were ready to get lunch and take a long nap. It was also a very stormy day in central Texas. So the instant the double sliding doors automatically opened it was like a bell went of in my kids head, they raced towards the van and found their new 'spots', all-the-while getting mud on the leather interior (Marking their territory I guess?). I realized that I never again would have to help my boys up into the car, and who doesn't like sliding automatic doors? In true Victoria fashion I was still pretending to hate the very thought of driving this 'mom car' around. I told my husband and the sales guy that it was nice, but still a minivan. 
Kyle, loosing his cool with my stubbornness, said 'take it for a dang test drive crazy lady, we'll be here when you get back'. 

So I test drove the van I already knew we were supposed to buy, and fell totally in love with it. It drove so easy, it parked and back up so easy, and it didn't feel like an armored tank strolling up I35. I got back to the dealership, handed Kyle the keys and said he needed to test drive it before I bought it. 
Shock. was written all over his face. 
"So.... you liked it?"
"NO, I really liked it, go test drive it."

He had "I TOLD YOU SO" written all over his face, but lovingly let me off the hook. It really was a great purchase, and I love it so very much. The kids get in and out with ease, no more banging into other parked cars, and the sweet sound of zombie kiddos watching movies makes this momma wonder why she didn't do this sooner! 

Long live the minivan! 

Kyle had just asked me, "Hey, does that come with a soccer ball?" I love my van!

Kyle had just asked me, "Hey, does that come with a soccer ball?" I love my van!