A mostly free summer!

This year our family's summer goal is to have a mostly free summer, what exactly does that mean? We've always just had fun, never really thought about the movie ticket money, or date night money, or just hitting up good ol' Chick Fil A for a long summer's day entertainment. But this summer we're trying to be more conscious with exactly how much of our budget is going to 'fun' things (fast food in specific). 

So my husband and I have been searching for free (or mostly free) fun things to do with our kids. We do have some bigger trips planned for the summer so our 'fun' budget is going towards making these trips extra special, and on the weekends where we can enjoy more expensive excursions as a family. Luckily we live in a great city that really provides a plethora of mostly free (or totally free) things to do with our kids. 

While I was away at a wedding last weekend, my husband found a really awesome toy store in downtown Austin, Tx. They were having a story time and petting zoo. It was totally free, and my boys were in HEAVEN! They got to pet gross lizards and Fox fell in love with the little hedgehog that snuggled on his lap. Later that evening the boys attended a baseball game at the Dell Diamond, the tickets cost were two cans of nonperishable food items for the food bank in our city. Daddy splurged for some fresh spun cotton candy, again the boys thought that they had died and gone to Heaven!


On most summer days you can find us trolling around town at free splash pads and our neighborhood pool, unfortunately this week we all got badly sunburnt and needed to give our skin time to heal before resuming our regular swimming and sun activities. 

That means, I have to get really creative with entertainment or we'll end up going and spending our saved fun money. I don't want to feel the wrath, so I started looking for some more fun things we could do, that would also get us out of the house for a few hours and not cost an arm and a leg.

A local toy store (Kaleidoscope Toys in Round Rock, TX), had a magician doing a magic show for 'family fun night', and the admission was a nonperishable food item per guest. My boys love all things magic, and at the very least we could go look around a toy store and see what sort of treasures were there. 

The show was entertaining for all involved, thanks to the magic man himself, J.D. Stewart. 


Free summer Entertainment.

I am super excited to attend more events at Kaleidoscope Toys, and do some birthday shopping for my big guy, Fox, there later next month! I am also really excited for some of the other Mostly free events we'll be attending around our north Austin town, we've got camping and fishing events at Bass Pro next week, and we'll be back to the pool as soon as my body doesn't look like a lobster!

If you have any ideas on where we should go next let me know in the comments below, or tweet me at @VAphoto1, also follow our daily adventure on INSTAGRAM (@mommyred512). 
Hope everyone has a safe and mostly free weekend!