A new photography home!

Welcome to my new photography home!

Whew, I've waited quite a few months to be able to say that. When I first started exploring the idea of doing a more 'sophisticated' website I thought that it would be a quick painless process. All we had to do was move stuff over? Right? 

Wrong. Dead Dead wrong. 

But with the help of an excellent web-designer, we were able to create a platform to share my work, my blog, and connect with clients! I've painstakingly wondered what picture should go where, to go crazy with color or allow the actual website to stay subtle. For someone who isn't very good at making decisions I feel like this came together quite nicely. I'm very proud of the final product! 

So, Where have I been since January? We last left off with Ryker's birthday, so much has happened since then and we couldn't be more excited about life right now!

  • We found out that we're expecting baby number four, in February!
  • Kyle traveld to the Philippines, and had quite an adventure. 
  • We found out baby number four is a little girl, her name is Everly Snow, and we can't wait to meet her! Follow my pregnancy journey week by week on INSTAGRAM (@mommyred512).
  • Got to go 'back home' to NC, and be in my best friends wedding.

    I hope that you can follow along our daily journey, we've got so much fun planned for this summer before the arrival of baby EV! Welcome back!!