The North family {2017 addition}

Nothing gives me greater joy than to have repeat clients. I LOVE seeing how much the littles grow and change. I LOVE to catch up and see how they're doing. I also, love the affirmation that they still enjoy my work. Its a party all around, and I pride myself on keeping as many client friends as possible. 
The North's were one of the very first families I ever photographed. As a whole they're spunky, fun, kind, and so easy going. The very perfect combination for this photographer. 

On the left is their family photo from 2015, on the right is their family photo from this year (2017). 
Goodness those kiddos have grown so much in the last two years! 

Thank you North crew for being so awesome! I will always enjoy photographing you guys! 

*side note: My photography style has surely changed in the last two years. Repeat clients give me the rare opportunity to compare and reflect. I love that those who trusted me when I didn't have all the experience and tools then, still trust me today! So very rewarding. 

Enough chit chat- here is the rest of their incredible shoot!