The players in a photographer's life: My family!

I am constantly reminded that I couldn't be the photographer that I am today with out the key 'players' in my life's play. I am so very lucky to have so many incredible, dedicated loved ones who want me to be successful in my young  photography business. It doesn't just extend to watching the kids while I am on location, but helping me brainstorm ideas, occasionally cleaning my house, encouraging me, reminding me why I do what I do, and above all they love me even when I am a stressed out mess. 

If you're new to 'the blog' (Side note: I am NOT a blogger. But in this google day-in-age I've gotta keep fresh content rolling. So feel free to roll your eyes at my postings, as long as you take the time to jump over to the galleries page and check out my work. Deal?), or just stopping by after my long hiatus while I built this fantastic new site, Hey! Welcome! Glad you're here. I want you to meet my  family and see why they're so awesome! 

The Husband


Thanks for the post church photo, Fox!

Thanks for the post church photo, Fox!

Kyle is the epitome of a provider. He works tirelessly to provide for our family, making sure that we have every opportunity for success. He also is the BEST dad. He loves our children with such tenderness and loyalty, they're the luckiest humans because they've got him for a daddy. Kyle also loves to play soccer and is a member of his work's indoor soccer team. Like any other guy, he also is a video game junkie, but hardly ever gets to play because he is so busy living the dad life. First and foremost, we're best friends and then lovers. I know that I can talk to him about anything and that he will come from a place of level headed logic and organized thought. It is a perfect balance to my very left thinking, out-of-the-box, creative-ness. I adore him, and have continued gratitude for his support in chasing my dreams!


The offspring


I always had a connection with visual art. At the very heart of who I am is a story teller, how that story is told has shifted and changed over the years, and for a briefest of time I lost the ability altogether. When these babies came to earth I discovered a new medium of expression in photography. Not super elaborate portrait session, but in everyday snapshots of life. I love these little fireballs of energy, they each came to me at exactly the right moment in life. I'm grateful we allowed God to direct our family planning, because he did a much better job than I could've done. Fox, who we often call 'bigred' or 'Bigs', is encouraging and hilarious. Last night he told Kyle that he was going to have big boobs like him one day, haha! He is SO excited to go to Kindergarten, and will readily tell you all about it. Ryker, aka 'Tinyred', is the lover of our family. Always ready with a kiss and a 'Ryker hug', he never leaves you feeling less than but always more than what you were before. He came to us knowing how to love, I hope that trait sticks with him for the rest of his earthly life. Now, Bellamy... Girl we're going to fight. She is SASSY, spunky, independent, and entranced with anything that looks like a princess. She is not one to snuggle in and sit still to watch a 'show', she would rather I just give her the iPad and let her study every detail of Beauty and the Beast. Bell make me laugh with how expressive she has become, sometimes it is like looking in a pint sized mirror. I love her, I hope she remembers that, even when we fight. 

These three keep me locked into the 'little moments' and I couldn't be more grateful!

There are others, like my parents and siblings, who have bent over backwards to help this dream come true (especially while I was in school). They will be featured in other blogs for sure! 
I am just grateful to have a supportive network of people around me to keep me going when I am feeling negative, and celebrates with me when I have a success. 
I love them all! 


Redwine, Wade, Kirwan family picture Thanksgiving 2014.

Redwine, Wade, Kirwan family picture Thanksgiving 2014.