Sara's Milk Bath Session

If you ask any photographer (or artist in general), 'what is the scariest thing'? I would be willing to bet that *most* would tell you breaking away from their 'normal' shooting style to accommodate a clients vision. On one hand we LOVE to have clients give ideas and push us as creative humans, on the other it is terrifying to branch into new shoot styles/ideas. 

Basically change can be pretty terrifying. 

When Sara asked me to do a floral milk bath session I was hesitant, because I had never photographed someone in such a confined space, or done a floral bath before. I did some research and looked at some inspiration on pinterest and gave it a whirl. 

Personally I LOVE the results. Sara has a dedicatory tattoo for her Granny that she really wanted to highlight in our final images. I'm pleased to say that Granny loved the images (a long with Sara).  This was a fantastic experience and I can't wait to do more. 

I will be offering milk bath sessions as an *add on* maternity service. That means you can add this to your normal Portrait session. 

Thank you Sara for pushing my creative muscles!