SOOC V. Edits

For me, before I really went to school for photography I thought that editing and processing pictures meant, taking them into an online filters program and just playing around with the colors and contrast, possibly softening skin and over editing eyes. BUT when I decided to pursue a degree in Photography (with a very heavy focus in restoration and retouching) I learned SO much and my mantra became, "Do what is needed to make YOUR work pop and then STOP'. Being able to fine tune that line between too much and perfection is so difficult and something I'm continually learning.  

Today I've included at SOOC Image, the Color edit of that image, and then the final split tone image that I ultimately ended up using. 


I am obsessed with dreamy soft images for my color edits, and high contrast matte edits for my black and white and split tones (sepia) images. This is just a little snap shot from a spring photo session I did with my kids earlier this year. I loved the split tone and will for sure be putting it on my black and white home gallery wall. 

If you look at the original (SOOC 'straight out of camera') image you can tell that it was underexposed and very green. We were in the shade, so our light was a little cooler than I typically like, no worries all that can be adjusted in post processing. 

Texas in the spring time is pretty magical, and as we turn more towards summer light and landscape I am excited to see the art work I'll be creating in the future! 


My very favorite image from that shoot with my kiddos. 

My very favorite image from that shoot with my kiddos.